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Acrylics with Roy Purcell

A course in creative freedom. Explorations in color texture and form with palette knife and brush.

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Roy Purcell is the essential Journeyer, seeking from birth and from time immemorial to explore and to understand his journey as it reflects our own. Having early opened the door through word and image into the depths of his own subconscious and tapping into that endless reserve of the collective memory of man, his curiosity and energy have lead him on a fascinating journey through the world, it's history, it's beauty and it's destiny.


His work reminds us of the mysticism of William Blake, the mastery of Michael Angelo, and the passion of Vincent Van Gogh. Gifts he uses with deep insight and compassion from the perspective of the ages, yet with the poignancy of our own time and needs.


He grew up a shy, sensitive boy in a small rural community of central Utah's Wasatch Range where the mountains cradled him and the vastness of the western deserts beckoned his spirit. He was drawn into that desert as a young man where the mystical qualities of his own nature were nurtured. Bowing to the will of his own cultural background he married and raised a family, studied extensively, sought the desert solitude where he learned to listen to those inner voices, became an historian (he was director of two regional history museums where he used his insights and talents to interpret history through exhibits, murals and writings) and finally (since 1974) went free lance as a professional artist.


He became well known regionally for his poignant etchings of Western ghost towns and landscapes. His interest in etchings and engravings led him into worldwide projects culminating in the production if the world's largest intagilo prints. He then retreated from public life to focus on personal and spiritual growth, and the development and mastery if various painting styles and techniques. His vision and insights are expressed eloquently in pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, etchings, engravings, bronzes, and poetry, and seem to find their most profound expressions in portfolios of artworks on themes from history and religious to the natural world.


Fortunately for the rest of us, his driving need to express that which he has perceived, felt and heard (from the outside and from within) has left a legacy of beauty and understanding which marks him as a pertinent voice for our times. His work brings to us a clearer vision of the continuum of our past, present and future. From his pen and from his brush comes a multi-dimensional statement spoken with a sensitivity and beauty rarely seen in the annals of creativity.


I was born upon a strange planet, singing a dialogue with myself. Singing a sad song with the wind. It has been a long Journey...too long for an old man. Let us rest here by these waters where the waves can wash our shore. For out of the fire we have come to quench our thirst. We will partake.

Roy Purcell ~ The Journeyer



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